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Educational Software

Educational Software is becoming more and more popular and is becoming one of the indispensable things in a classroom. Today, teachers can use the software right on computers and smartphones to compose lessons and design lessons with simple and highly effective operations to replace blackboards and white chalks.


The outstanding advantages of applying our Educational Software in teaching:

  • Save time preparing lectures
  • Teachers can keep track of the teaching schedule – exam schedule – grading, online marking – assigning assignments in multiple choice or essay format.
  • The software allows staff and teachers to update information of students’ training on computers and tablets.
  • Automatically synthesize reports quickly and accurately.
  • Parents view the results of students’ learning – practicing … every day on mobile devices.

Our partner

With 30 years of development experience, Zodiac is proud to be the development partner of many prestigious brands in the world. With the aim of becoming a leading technology corporation and an ideal destination for the elite Vietnamese intellectuals team, Zodiac wishes to cooperate more with domestic and foreign partners.

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