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Foreign Language Classroom

Smart Foreign Language Classroom solution is a modern, smartly designed solution that is systematically integrated on the basis of advanced
technologies of CaLabo EX.

CaLabo EX is the most popular digital language classroom system branded CHIeru – Japan. It has gained an exceptional reputation from customers, compared to all other brands. With a share of 50% of the Japanese digital
language classroom market, CaLabo has become the standard for all digital language laboratories.

With CaLabo, organizations and schools can create a computerized language learning environment that includes high-quality audio, video, and multimedia educational resources. CaLabo allows teachers to teach languages in a computer-aided classroom. The graphical console shows the alignment between the students in the classroom and control function buttons for language teaching operations or controlling multimedia resources.

CaLabo turns a traditional language classroom or a computer lab into a multimedia language classroom with outstanding features:

  • Classroom management functions
  • Collaboration and group discussion
  • CaLabo digital recording program
  • CaLabo LMS integration

Classroom Management function improves effectiveness for teaching:

  • Talk to all students
  • Monitor the student’s screen and voice
  • Internal communication and remote control
  • Select a student as a model (Cast their voice and computer screen to another student)
  • Group / pair discussion
  • Digital response analysis program
  • Open the application / Web browser
  • Cast teacher’s screen with annotation tools
  • Monitor students’ screens using small screens
  • Chat and send text messages

Collaboration and group discussion:

  • Divide students into small groups and lead discussion
  • Assign assignments to a group of students, from which they can develop teamwork skills by sharing screens and working together.
  • At the end of each exercise, the teacher can pass the assignments of each group onto the screen for the whole class to discuss
  • Flexibly split pairs by dragging, dropping the student’s name or icon

CaLabo digital recording software:

Instead of a cumbersome tape recorder, CaLabo can control audio and video recording for foreign language teaching activities. Interactive audio-visual equipment such as CD cassettes, VCRs and DVDs, the audio can be recorded digitally through the CaLaro system.

The recording software features interaction and comparison:

  • Digitize Audio / Video streams from AV devices
  • Integrate features listening, simulating samples
  • Insert subtitles into Video files
  • Change playback speed without changing tone
  • Sample practice mode for students’ self-study activities
  • Submit the voice recording file to the teacher for evaluation

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With 30 years of development experience, Zodiac is proud to be the development partner of many prestigious brands in the world. With the aim of becoming a leading technology corporation and an ideal destination for the elite Vietnamese intellectuals team, Zodiac wishes to cooperate more with domestic and foreign partners.

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