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Smart Classroom

As one of the leaders in the application of technology in education and anticipating the digital transformation trend, Zodiac has successfully researched the modern Smart Classroom Model solution for kindergartens, from Primary to High School in Vietnam. This solution makes teaching and learning simpler but still enhances real effectiveness in teaching and learning.

The Zodiac Smart Classroom model researches and develops
with advanced and modern equipment on the existing traditional classroom
infrastructure, incorporating an automated electronic lecture system to improve
the quality of education:

  • Improving the quality of teaching: Innovating the way to convey knowledge from teachers and absorb information from students in a more
    vivid and intuitive way.
  • Increased interoperability: Enhance the interaction between the Manager – School; Teachers – Students and Parents – Students
  • Change in the way of assessment: Apply Technology to regular
    verification. Ensure objectivity, fairness, quick and accurate test results

Smart Classroom Model

Combine smart educational equipment and integrated software for classroom management, build visual lesson plans, and implement fair and accurate assessment

  • Smart Podium
  • Computer System
  • Device Storage & Data Synchronization
  • Interactive Screen
  • Video Camera
  • Document Camera
  • Classroom Audio (Speaker, Microphone)
  • Classroom & Lesson Management Software

Our partner

With 30 years of development experience, Zodiac is proud to be the development partner of many prestigious brands in the world. With the aim of becoming a leading technology corporation and an ideal destination for the elite Vietnamese intellectuals team, Zodiac wishes to cooperate more with domestic and foreign partners.

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