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Smart School

Smart Education is a new trend of Education in the world. In that trend, Smart School plays a very important role in the process of applying High Technology in management, teaching and learning.

Smart School is considered as a school model that implements smart education associated with forms of modernizing facilities and making the most of technology towards a high quality education.

Smart School is a school that flexibly and effectively applies resources on the basis of applying digital technology advances to improve the quality of student education, to meet the requirements of the society in educating younger generation.

With nearly 30 years of development in the field of Education, especially in the field of Educational Technology, Zodiac understands the problems and solutions essential to building a Smart School model, we are proud to provide comprehensive Smart School solutions, helping to
optimize teaching efficiency and learning results for students.

By applying Information Technology – Interactive, Smart Technology devices, our Smart School brings benefits not only to the school but
also for students:

  • Increase opportunities for learning experiences and application in learning

  • The easiest and most convenient to receive pedagogical guidance and feedback

  • Information on academic results is comprehensive and fast

  • Continuously improve learning quality and efficiency

  • Both teachers and students have the opportunity to develop continuously

Our partner

With 30 years of development experience, Zodiac is proud to be the development partner of many prestigious brands in the world. With the aim of becoming a leading technology corporation and an ideal destination for the elite Vietnamese intellectuals team, Zodiac wishes to cooperate more with domestic and foreign partners.

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