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Larger-sized, all-in-one LED displays are the future

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All-in-One LED display offer a better user experience and a broader range of applications plus easier installation, operation, and maintenance, writes Dean Tsai of ViewSonic.

For the past few years, the global LED display market has continued to expand and the demand for large format LED displays is also increasing to offer more immersive engagement with audiences of commercial activities, retail stores, entertainment venues, auditoriums, or even public events like sports and concerts.

What makes LED displays so popular is that they come with bright, vivid colours, and can be much larger in screen size but thinner in presence, unlike the thick LCD panels which offer limited screen size with image grids and require time-consuming panel alignment.

However, there are still some downsides with these traditional LED displays, such as separate systems for display, power supply, image stitching, and control that require complicated configurations for each installation. It makes them time- and labour-consuming to install and inconvenient to use, not to mention they take up considerably more space.

To address the above issues, a new solution emerged – the pioneering All-in-One LED displays which integrate everything into one system to overcome these hassles with easier installation, operation, and maintenance, suited for various applications, and bring a range of innovations to the large-size display industry:

Better user experience

Differing from traditional LED displays, the All-in-One LED displays feature multiple pre-assembled cabinets and pre-calibrated LED modules thus eliminating the need for a complicated setup process. The modular design allows for easy installation that is time- and labour-efficient: the installation can be completed by two people in just two hours.

One click on the power button provides easy and intuitive operation to get started in less than a minute, while with a traditional LED display users must go to a control room and complete multiple steps to power on the display in a process that can take more than 10 minutes.

Furthermore, All-in-One LED displays have a wide selection of instantly accessible I/O ports and direct plug ‘n’ play functionality, eliminating the hassle of accessing the indirect I/O through a control box as with traditional LED displays. Plus, the embedded OS and Wi-Fi support allows for working in a familiar PC environment and convenient wireless content sharing from mobile devices.

Last but not least, maintenance is a breeze as the All-in-One LED displays support swappable modules, control systems, and 100% full front maintenance using an electric vacuum suction tool. Each module can be easily replaced in a few steps.

Broader applications

The slim and elegant appearance of All-in-One LED displays comes with an ultra-thin and virtually bezel-free minimalistic design, allows them to blend into the surroundings seamlessly, suitable for both commercial and educational spaces from lobbies and reception rooms to auditoriums, boardrooms, and conference rooms.

For instance, ViewSonic’s All-in-One LED displays are available in large sizes up to 216” and bring fantastic visuals in vibrant colours covering 120% Rec.709. With the advanced LED technology, the brightness level is not only sufficient for use during a bright day but can further be fine-tuned to match the environment as well. Therefore, they are the perfect solution for places like museums and art galleries that require the best in visuals to showcase artwork and cultural artifacts.

For occasions with mobility requirements, we have a new solution of pre-assembled All-in-One LED displays that come with a built-in motorised floor stand and movable flight case packaging. This innovative solution is ideal for the rental business and for short-term commercial exhibitions and events to help achieve easy and fast installation, so our customers can transport the display effortlessly and securely from one venue to another and ready for instant use upon unboxing.

Premium quality

 Another enhancement is that All-in-One LED displays are made with quality materials or components for better reliability. Among these All-in-One LED displays, some displays, like ViewSonic’s, use gold (Au) bonding wires instead of copper (Cu) ones. This is because gold is a more stable material than copper. When emitting the same level of brightness, gold conductors oxidize at a slower rate, allowing for less power consumption and lower operation temperature, thus a longer lifespan.

Another detail to look into is the different level of the driving IC selected. Integrating a top-tier driver IC delivers a smoother viewing experience thanks to the ultra-high refresh rate of up to 4,440Hz. With this in place, you no longer have to worry about image ghosting or motion blur.

Finally, some All-in-One LED displays adopt a high-end fluorocarbon coating which acts as durable screen protection to enhance moisture resistance. It also helps to deliver a luxurious matte finish that has the added benefit of eliminating distracting reflections.

Large-size All-in-One LED Displays are the future

It’s no secret that the demands for large-size LED displays have been growing, and new solutions are being brought to market from time to time yet not all are made equally. Therefore, it is crucial to consider the quality of design, visual performance, efficiency and user-friendliness for installation/operation/maintenance, and choose the one that best fits your requirements and usage. An integrated all-in-one solution can fulfil various types of demands and perfectly fits into a wide range of usage scenarios.

As a visual solution provider, ViewSonic commits to constantly evolve to not only fulfil but exceed customers’ expectations at all times, providing more cutting-edge and competitive solutions that truly benefit all users and taking the visual experience to the next level.


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