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Modern Technology
Pioneering Solution

Zodiac is one of the first companies in Vietnam to receive the certificate of “Participating in National Defence Industry” by the Ministry of Defence. With a strong technological foundation, a team of experienced solution engineers, Zodiac always brings the most modern and optimal systems and solutions of Security and Defence

Security and Defence System

Security and Defence Solution

Technology Solutions for the field of Security and Defence

With current experience and capabilities, Zodiac is providing modern technology systems and solutions in the fields of Security and Defense.

  • Combat Simulation
  • Satellite communications, terrestrial or underwater communications

  • Optronic system are equipped on many different types of equipment

  • Inertial Navigation System
  • Sonar System
  • Security monitoring and warning

  • Upgrade and modernize shipboard solutions

Security and Defence System

Currently, the development of technology applied to specific products in the security and defense field is increasing day by day. These systems not only serve operations but also assist in assessing and controlling the security situation in many different real situations …

Security and Defence Solution

A comprehensive solution for National Defense will help improve task performance, enhance flexibility, improve and comprehensively upgrade equipment synchronization for high efficiency in the field of civil and military sectors

Why Choose Zodiac


With many years of experience in technology, especially imaging information, Zodiac is confident in providing systems and solutions of international standards.


Each system or solution is researched and surveyed to best suit each different situation, creating the most stable operation.

Service quality

With each specific requirement, Zodiac always has a team of qualified and experienced technical experts to provide consulting solutions and provide effective solutions.

Our Standards

Outstanding quality

All solutions are consulted and implemented by experienced experts and engineers with reputable and quality products.

Maximum benefit

Listen and understand customers to provide systems and solutions..


Cost optimization with advanced technology, comprehensive solutions under the consultation of leading experts.


Always at the forefront and constantly innovating in real technology, bringing the highest quality and efficiency.


Commitment to bring customers satisfaction before, during and after providing services.


Professional working style from attitude to expertise, from skills to implementation process

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