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Security and Defence Solution

Technology Solution for Security and Defence

A comprehensive solution for National Security and Defense activities will help improve functional performance, increase flexibility, improve and comprehensively upgrade equipment synchronization for high efficiency in both civilian and military.

With experience in implementing construction consulting activities, researching solutions in the field of National Security and Defense. We provide comprehensive and comprehensive solutions

  • Command and Control Center
  • Hydrographic Solution
  • Upgrade and modernize shipboard solutions

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  • Radio communication

     – U/VHF, MF, HF, MBR, Troposcatter

      – Private 4G/ 5G

  • Satellite communication
  • Wired communication
    – Backbone Network

     – Local Areal Network

  • Hydroacoustic communication

Optical electronics

  • Handheld optoelectronics, night vision goggles
  • Optoelectronics for ships
  • Optoelectronics for specialized vehicles
  • Optoelectronics for aircraft
  • Fixed installation optoelectronics
quang điện tử
dẫn đường quán tính

Inertial navigation system

  • Artilleries and special vehicles
  • Aircrafts
  • Ships


  • Guard, Coast Guard
  • Maritime navigation
  • Air and sea reconnaissance
  • Fire control


  • Anti-submarine: ship hull mounted and side scan
  • Dipping sonar for helicopters
  • Monitoring bases, harbor
  • Navigation, avoidance collisions
  • Mines counter
  • Single beam and multi beam survey sonar
  • Handheld sonar

Under water devices

  • Autonomous Underwater Vehicle (AUV) collects seabed topographic data
  • Remotely Operated Vehicles
  • Anti-submarine training and coaching objectives
  • Detecting bombs and mines at the sea
Thiết bị lặn
định vị và dẫn đường

Positioning and Navigation


  • AIS, W-AIS

  • Tactical Electronic Charts WECDIS

Military topographic survey

  • Multi-sensor integration solution for topographic surveying and mapping data

khảo sát. đo đạc biển

Sea survey, measurement

  • Single-beam, multi-beam echo sounder system

  • Instruments to measure seismic, magnetic and gravity

  • Instrument for measuring surface and deep water sound velocity

  • Sea water sampler

Network security

  • Completed solution to check information security of embedded IC systems
  • Cyber Range for coatching and training in cyber warfare
  • Intercept satellite communication data
an ninh mạng
thiết bị hỗ trợ

Supported equipment, tools

  • Eye-safe laser suppressors
  • Equipment to lift people up
  • Binoculars, night vision goggles, viewfinder.

Coastal surveylance network

  • Integrated multi-sensor monitoring station: Radar, Optoelectronics, AIS, meteorology and communication systems
  • Monitoring and commanding central
giám sát biển
trung tâm chỉ huy

Community & operation center

Conversion and modernization programs

cải hoán và hiện đại hóa
nâng cấp. đồng bộ và bảo đảm kỹ thuật

Technical maintenance, system synchronization and upgrade programs

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