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Leading the Trend
Optimizing Benefit

As a pioneer in the field of projection, Zodiac becomes the leading builder and consultant of system integration solutions in Vietnam, a superior product connection between suppliers and users, meeting the desire to experience and master the information technology equipment of organizations, businesses across the country.

Smart Meeting Room

Control and Command Center

Digital Signage Solution

Leading System Integration Solution provider in Vietnam

Zodiac is a reputable unit specializing in consulting and designing integrated solutions for many fields such as Education, Health, Transportation, Electricity, Energy, Defence Security.

Zodiac will constantly explore, research and create modern solutions and products, pursuing the goal of becoming the leading technology corporation in Vietnam.


Digital Signage Solution

The trend of image display technology has changed tremendously to meet the needs of information transmission and increase interaction with customers

Smart Meeting Room

Smart meeting room – optimal meeting room trends – are invested by businesses and organizations with many innovative utilities and features in technology

Command and Control Center

Play the role of the brain synthesizing, commanding, administering all activities through monitoring, collecting and standardizing data.

Why Choose Zodiac

Total solutions

Embracing the development trend of technology, Zodiac has researched and developed solutions to satisfy user requirements

International quality

Providing high quality solutions according to international service standards

Consulting & specialized customer care

Understanding customers, consulting and designing specialized solution packages to suit each customer's needs

Our Standards

Outstanding qualify

The solutions are consulted and deployed by experienced experts and engineers with reputable and quality products

Maximum customer benefits

Listen and understand customers to provide the best services

Optimal cost

Optimize costs with advanced technology, comprehensive solutions under the advice of leading experts


Always innovating and creating to make better quality products and solutions.


Protecting our Reputation as our own Honor, Zodiac has always tried our best to ensure the right commitments.


Professional working from professional knowledge, skills to the process of performing work

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