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Command and Control Center

Control and Command Center is a place to synthesize all sources of information and data of organizations and enterprises to help leaders at all levels monitor and totally manage the quality of services, allowing analysis of big data, supporting decision-making, formulating organizational plans and regulations, operating policies corresponding to specific situations.

Trung tâm giám sát điều hành

Control and Command Center solution with the ability to control a mixture of static and dynamics images from branches or distributed observation points.

Every perfect decision is derived from comprehensive, accurate and timely information.

To meet the most timely and accurate information transmission speed, Zodiac’s technical team gives advice, selects the right equipment and designs its own system to suit the different needs of each customer.

  • Display device 
  • Audio device 
  • Video conferencing equipment
  • Integrated control devices
  • Surveillance Security Equipment
  • Infrastructure Equipment

Control and Command Center Features

» Gather and display information data sources

» Remote centralized management and monitoring

» Commanding, controlling agency, armed force, building, city

» Modern, stable, guaranteed operation 24/7

Our Partner

Zodiac provides and integrates equipment of the world’s leading brands, bringing effective choices and optimal solutions to customers.

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