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Digital Signage

With the explosion of technology along with breakthrough advances in the application of science and technology to all areas of life: display technology for a meeting, entertainment, and business and supervision … has also grown tremendously, especially the Digital Signage Solution.

The  consists of a set of multiple independent monitors that are assembled together to form an unlimited size screen, allowing users to freely show photos, videos, and manage content as well as the display method of different signal sources


The Digital Signage Solution gives users an impressive display size experience along with sharp resolution.

Many businesses have used digital signage solution in advertising products and services, communicating business images with the advantages of large screens, reasonable costs, sharp image quality, screen borders are getting thinner, high customization.

Grasping the display trend of the future, Zodiac advises and installs digital signage solution for most life fields:

  • Online meeting room, hall display
  • Information screen at the monitoring center
  • Display screen at airports, shopping malls, cultural palaces, stadiums, hotels …
  • Display screen for performing arts event

Zodiac is the most reputable digital signage solution provider in Vietnam market with more than 25 years of experience.

Our Partner

Zodiac has established strategic partnerships, becoming the exclusive supplier, distributor, authorized service of the world’s leading technology companies.

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