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Smart Meeting Room

What is a Smart Meeting Room?

Smart Meeting Room is an integrated solution that allows users to automatically control all electronic devices in the meeting room including curtains, lights, air conditioning, video conference equipment, projectors, screens projection, audio equipment… easily and quickly.

Smart Meeting Room Solutions are becoming a trend of many businesses and organizations, especially in the period of information technology revolution 4.0.

Advantages of Smart Meeting Rooms:

  • Make controlling, operating, and managing meeting rooms easy, fast, avoiding wasting electricity and resources when not in use.
  • Smart, modern and luxurious meeting rooms to enhance brand value.
  • Reduce fixed costs while minimizing equipment operators.
  • Increase work efficiency, efficiency of meetings, less set-up time.
  • Easily switch device status to different modes depending on the purpose of meeting room usage such as presentations, briefings, seminars, conferences, etc…

Outstanding features

  • Simple connection: No need to disassemble, connect or reinstall the device.
  • User-friendly, easy to use: Built-in commands, do not require high expertise.
  • Displaying device activity status information on the touch interface, making it easy to manage devices.
  • Simple and fast operation: With just one button “touch” the system is ready to go into operation.
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Control features

  • Projector control: On/Off, zoom/focus
  • Speaker volume control
  • Screen control: Raise projection screen.
  • Screen control: On / Off
  • Control video conferencing equipment
  • Select the source of the slideshow image from PC or DVD or other sources
  • Control the light
  • Schedule device operations through central software

Smart Meeting Rooms help solve the hassle of traditional meeting rooms, very friendly and easy to use.

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