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Technology trends to improve life in 2022 

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Technological advances have been changing human life. It is an important key to promoting development, helping us to achieve many achievements in all fields. Following the successes of the previous year, here are the life-enhancing technology trends for 2022.

The metaverse virtual universe race

2021 marks the biggest change for Facebook when deciding to change the company name to Meta to enter the Metaverse virtual universe. A series of other technology giants such as Google, Microsoft, and Apple are also on the way to conquering the Metaverse.

Analysts have said that “Metaverse” will be the keyword that covers the technology world this year and has a strong impact on user interaction.

The Metaverse virtual space race has already been kicked off. Meta’s Oculus division has marked a major milestone in the race by shipping 10 million VR headsets. Microsoft entered the VR market a few years ago and spent 68.7 billion USD buying the game company, Activision Blizzard, with the ambition to go deep into the virtual universe.

In addition, Apple CEO Tim Cook also commented that Metaverse is “an exciting area with great potential and the company is investing in it.” Google is known to be secretly developing an augmented reality headset model with the participation of 300 employees. These signs forecast the explosion of the AR market in 2022

Smarthome technology equipment using common standards

Today, users are no stranger to smarthome products such as door locks, televisions, refrigerators, entertainment projectors, etc., with internet connection and remote control.

thiết bị marthome dùng chuẩn chung

Several projectors on the market allow users to remotely control them via smartphone, tablet, or laptop in just a few simple steps. They also have Wi-Fi directly access and Bluetooth for easy wireless connectivity.

However, the smart home market is still quite inadequate when the products of this brand are not compatible or work effectively with other brands’ technology. It creates a need for a common standard for smart home devices.

The tech giants are now planning to release and update their Matter-compatible smart home technology – the new standard that allows smart home devices to connect, no matter what any brand they come.

Technology for health

In the past few years, mobile health monitoring devices such as measuring movement, heart rate, calories consumed, blood SpO2 levels, etc. have become increasingly popular. By 2022, products tend to be compact, multi-function, and more accurate body index analysis to become essential human products.

công nghệ phục vụ sức khỏe

In addition, in the medical field, devices that support diagnosis, treatment, and health recovery for patients are also tending to develop strong. Among them, interactive screens help doctors visually visualize the problem the patient is having, namely:

  • Instructions for studying body parts: The screen allows sharing of high-definition visual images, from which listeners can see the condition of the patient’s body parts.
  • Discussing surgical options: Before surgery, doctors and nurses will discuss to find the right plan. The interactive screen will display sharp endoscopic/surgical images of the patient. On the other hand, the presiding doctor can directly record the opinions given on the device and draw a treatment plan, etc.

Interactive screens tend to develop strong in the future, being applied more and more widely in hospitals thanks to great features.

In addition to medical, interactive screens are also flexibly applied in multi-functional meeting spaces and educational spaces. Zodiac is proud to be the genuine distributor of interactive screen products of Optoma and Xoceco in the Vietnam market. We believe that Zodiac’s products will bring the best and most useful experiences to users.

Electric vehicle technology

In the last two years, companies have launched many electric vehicle models and attracted interest at technology exhibitions, including the Consumer Electronics Show (CES).

Besides big names like Ford, and Mercedes-Benz…, the electric car market has appeared with a series of new names, especially Vinfast – a brand from Vietnam. According to predictions, the output of electric vehicles in 2022 will grow significantly, accompanied by a strong development in infrastructure.

công nghệ nâng tầm cuộc sống 2022

The above are technology trends that will improve life in 2022, bringing smart life to people. Which technology do you predict will grow the most? Please share to let Zodiac know.

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