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Where is the best place for projector maintenance?

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Zodiac warranty center is known as a reputable unit specializing in providing projector maintenance and cleaning services… With a team of well-trained engineers, a quick receipt, and a handling process, Zodiac always won the trust of many customers.

Projector maintenance (or projector maintenance) is necessary and should be done regularly to make the projector last longer. To ensure the quality and cost factors, you should go to reputable and professional addresses to “refurbish” your products.

Hopefully, the following article will provide you with a lot of useful information and use the projector most effectively.

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Why should you maintain your projector?

Like other electronic devices, when used for a long time or not in use, the projector will be easily damaged the LCD, dust filter, lens, or projector source.

To ensure sharp images, and long product life, users should maintain on average every 3 – 6 months. In case the projector is used in a dusty space, users should maintain it regularly, especially in cafes, pubs, or schools.

We should note that the cold room also requires a lot of maintenance because there is small dust that cannot be seen by the naked eye, which is difficult to clean.

What is the difference between projector maintenance and cleaning?

“Projector maintenance” is completely different from “projector cleaning”. More than just cleaning the outside of the projector, maintenance is a general inspection of the projector, cleaning and improving the quality of the projector.

Components and systems need to be maintained

  • The whole body of the case
  • Dust filters
  • Fan system, power boards
  • Main, color wheel
  • The entire system of lenses and lenses
  • DMD chip, LCD alignment, thermal paste pump
  • Projection bulb
  • Projector specifications

Current prestigious projector maintenance address

Zodiac Service Center is proud to be a prestigious projector repair and maintenance address in Hanoi and the Northern region today.

With more than 30 years of experience in the field of projection equipment, Zodiac not only exclusively distributes projectors such as Optoma, Maxell, etc. but also provides warranty, professional, and quality repair services for all lines of projector on the market such as Epson, Inforce, NEC, Viewsonic, Sony, BenQ,…

Replacement parts for projectors are guaranteed to be genuine of good quality, you can be assured of compatibility and stable operation for a long time.

Coming to Zodiac Service Center, customers will receive enthusiastic advice from a team of highly qualified and experienced technical staff.

Equipment maintenance steps

Customers who bring projectors to Hoang Dao Service Center will be fully inspected and maintained in the following order:

Step 1: Preliminary check of the overall situation of the projector

Step 2: Check the VGA, HDMI, and video connection ports….

Step 3: Check the bulb and hours of operation

Step 4: Remove and open the machine to check the details of each component

Step 5: Perform cold measurement of components such as power, main, ballast…

Step 6: Check the power supply system

Step 7: Clean and maintain the dust filter system

Step 8: Carry out maintenance of LCD block (for LCD technology projectors) or color wheel (for DLP technology projectors)

Step 9: Carry out maintenance of the prism assembly

Step 10: Maintain the main board and power supply system.

Step 11: Maintain Lens Focus system.

Step 12: Maintenance of the blower system

Step 13: Re-align the specifications

Step 14: Reset the device to the original factory mode

Step 15: Durability test. End of equipment maintenance.

In case the projector is not warranted at the Zodiac

Customers disassemble the machine by themselves or the machine has torn warranty stamp

Due to the user’s fault, the operation is not by the user manual.

Due to objective reasons such as unstable power source (too high, too low, or erratic), dropping, breaking, strong impact, natural disasters, fire, and explosion…

No warranty for software or errors caused by viruses

No warranty with accessories included: power cord, HDMI cable, VGA…

If you are using a projector product provided by Zodiac and need maintenance, please immediately contact the Hoang Dao service center for the fastest advice, reception, and maintenance.

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