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Zodiac announces new company vision, mission and core values

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Celebrating Zodiac’s 30th anniversary, Mr. Vu Quoc Khanh – Chairman of Zodiac announced the change of Zodiac culture platform, aiming to make Zodiac become the leading technology corporation.

Established in April 1991, Zodiac is one of the pioneers in the field of product distribution, image information solution (AV) consulting, and high-tech system integration in Vietnam. Over 30 years, along with the development strategy from the Board of Directors, the consensus of the staff, Zodiac has achieved proud achievements.

Over the past three decades, Zodiac has maintained our position as one of the leading projector importers in Vietnam with the mission to change the social perception of the benefits of presentation equipment, video surveillance.

However, the old vision and mission are limited and focused on the audiovisual industry. Zodiac offers a new vision to become a leading technology corporation to affirm our autonomy capacity in the journey of global integration and desires to take on a greater mission and responsibility to the community. At the same time, building Zodiac into a professional working environment is an ideal destination for the elite intellectuals of Vietnam to create products with international standards together, affirming the autonomy in the journey of global integration.

Highlighting an exciting period of growth and to better position the company going forward, Zodiac has developed a new vision and mission statement to reflect a new and evolved business structure.

Zodiac hopes a new vision, mission and core values ​​towards the goal of developing in line with the trend of the times, elevating the foundation of corporate culture.
Zodiac 30 năm


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